White Papers

Conformal Cooling Mold for "Venturi Cup"

Precision ADM and Melet Plastics Inc.

A warping defect was reported in the production of a "Venturi Cup" part manufactured by Melet Plastics Inc. for use in an AGCO-Amity JV air seeder. The customer requested a reduction in the warping seen in the large rectangular section of the part.

Proposed alterations included changes in material, wall thickness and coolant temperature, as well as an optimized mold for cooling produced by Precision ADM using additive manufacturing methods. The use of the optimized mold together with a decrease in wall thickness resulted in a warpage reduction of 42%; an overall warpage reduction of 54% was achieved with all other alterations included.

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Titanium Topology Optimized "TiTO™" 3D Printed Satellite Panel Support System

Precision ADM

Precision ADM developed a "TiTO™" (Titanium Topology Optimized) Aerospace Panel Support Structure. The purpose of the project was to use topology optimization to redesign and replace a machined aluminum mount for supporting loads from a large panel and its cable management. The goal was to optimize the structural geometry to be light-weight, while maximizing its stiffness using a material that has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) principles were applied so the resulting design configuration could be built using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) with minimal post-processing or machining.

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