Post Processing & Machining


3D printed parts made by laser sintering metal powders need to be removed from the build plate and may require additional finishing as per product specifications.


Printed and Ready.

Printed parts come out of the build chambers affixed to the build plate via support structures. Excess powder is able to be sieved and put back in our powder recycling program for further use, making our additive manufacturing process a Green technology.


Heat and Treat.

Heat treatment is preformed on most Metal AM builds to avoid any part distortion after the part has been removed from the build plate. Depending on project requirements, this step could involve on-plate oven heat treatment or Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP). (1)


Precise Cutting.

Wire EDM removes the support material and parts from the build plate very accurately. Parts may require additional machining or milling to remove further support structures.


Keeping it Digital.

Multi-axis programming allows our programmers to create toolpaths across complex shapes that could not be machined on 3 Axis machines. This includes high-performance automotive port finishing, impellers, turbine blades, cutting tools, 5 Axis trimming, and undercut machining in mold and die making.


Programmed Milling.

Shorter cutting tools can be used since the tool can be tilted to adjust the angle between the cutter and the part. The increased rigidity of shorter tools allows you to take advantage of the high-speed options to machine at higher speeds with no loss in accuracy. The result is better surface quality and reduced finishing time.


Finishing Touches.

The last step in post-processing is achieving the surface finish that you require. Whether that is rough and porous for orthopaedic devices bone in-growth, or mirror-finish for high wear implant applications such as knees and Aerospace applications for improved part design with increased efficiencies for fuel savings. We use also a proprietary electro micro polishing process to reach specified Ra values.


5 Axis Milling

Matsuura MX520

This machine can handle 3+2 and true 5 axis motions with extreme accuracy and repeatability. Single set-ups reduce errors that are associated with multiple set-ups.

Wire EDM

Cut 30p

Highly accurate Submersible Wire EDM is another complement to the ADM. This machine allows Precision ADM to complete precise cuts on the most exotic types of material.

3 Axis Milling

Working very closely with additive manufacturing, our high-accuracy 3-axis mill is used for finishing and post processing work on each print.

7 Axis Turn-Mill

Turn/Mill Machines are capable of both rotating-workpiece operations (turning) and rotating-tool operations such milling and cross-drilling. The machine is typically recognizable as a horizontal or vertical lathe, with spindles for milling and drilling simply available at some or all of the tool positions. A part requiring a variety of operations can be machined in one setup, particularly if a subspindle allows the part to be passed from one spindle to another during machining. More recently introduced turn/mill machines depart from the lathe design into something much more like a hybrid machine—combining a lathe’s chucks and spindles with the travels and milling power of a machining center.

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