Engineering & Design
Whether you are creating an innovative new design, or require a run of production parts, our team can assist you with key optimizations. Metal 3D printing allows for new approaches to design–something our team of dedicated engineers are committed to.
Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
Metal Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) has opened doors to engineering designs never before possible. We help you get from design to full production, saving you time and money as we work together to bring your product to market.
Post-Processing & Machining
3D printed parts made by laser sintering metal powders need to be removed from the build plate and may require additional finishing as per product specifications.
To complement our manufacturing technologies, we also have an in-house laboratory with a complete metallurgical set-up, metrology equipment (including laser scanning) and powder testing.
Interested in the benefits of Metal Additive Manufacturing? Let’s partner on your next project!