Webinar: Titanium Powder Recycling in Additive Manufacturing – Powder and Bulk Properties Over Multiple Build Cycles

On April 29th at 1:00 pm (Central Time), please join us for a webinar on the recycling of Titanium metal powder in Additive Manufacturing, presented by Precision ADM.

How many times can titanium powder be recycled before a change in material properties becomes an issue? Could recycling powder save costs in additive manufacturing? This webinar will show how our research and testing have answered these questions.

Evaluation of recycled titanium powder during the additive manufacturing (AM) process is of importance for understanding the aging effects with multiple process cycles and maintaining part quality.

This webinar presents results of a powder recycling study with the EOS M290 laser powder bed fusion system, with powder degradation under typical industrial conditions – machine qualification builds, trial part builds and serial part production. Effects of single-batch and top-up recycling on powder and bulk properties will be shown.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • Different recycling approaches during a laser powder bed fusion process
  • Understanding of how Ti64 powder ages during a laser powder bed fusion process
  • Examples of how to evaluate powder and bulk properties during recycling


Bami Akinrinlola, Ph.D., Additive Manufacturing Research Engineer, Precision ADM

Dr. Akinrinlola is an Additive Manufacturing (AM) Research Engineer at Precision ADM, where she is responsible for the R&D program and works with a wide range of metal alloy systems. Bami holds a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from McGill University, with a focus on powder metallurgy. Her interests include structure-property relationships in materials, biomaterials and bio-inspired design.

Photo of Graeme Findlay

Graeme Findlay, Marketing Director, Precision ADM

Graeme leads the Precision ADM Marketing department with over 15 years of award winning design and creative direction experience. Graeme has been deeply involved on the 3D printing scene since the emergence of metal additive manufacturing technologies, and his understanding and passion its applications make him a thought-leader in the industry.