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Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

Unparalleled cyber security

Facility security

Controlled Goods Program/ ITAR

The security you require.
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From protecting intellectual property to ensuring traceability of materials, we take the security of our facility seriously. All office and production areas are restricted access and all staff undergo security assessment and background checks. All entry points are access controlled and guests are tracked and escorted while in our facility. All incoming shipments are inspected before entering our facility. Protection of our customers interests is paramount in how we conduct our business.

Goods or components and technical data that have military or national security significance, which are controlled domestically by the Government of Canada and defined in the Defence Production Act are regulated by the Government of Canada Controlled Goods Regulations. As a certified Controlled Goods Program registrant, Precision ADM and its staff meet the requirements to examine, possess, and transfer controlled goods. This registration also provides Precision ADM the Canadian Exemption under the United States International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) section 126.5 to allow United States suppliers to export, share, and have manufactured ITAR controlled items.

Our Commitment to Security.

We take security seriously, and thorough considerations have been given to both cyber and site security at Precision ADM. We are committed to providing the most secure facility and IT infrastructure possible to our customers.

Cyber Security

At Precision ADM, securing our IT infrastructure is one of our top priorities. We never want our data to be exposed to anyone who shouldn’t have access to it, and as one or our clients, we will always treat your data like our own. We protect all retained data by ensuring our systems are in line with current security best practises and that all security protections are up to date.

Information Assurance

At Precision ADM we practice Information Assurance which include five main areas of focus:

  • Integrity –  ensuring our data has been left as it was intended, unexposed or tampered
  • Availability – providing our engineers with access to the data when required and giving them ability to share what is required with clients when needed
  • Authentication – We safeguard our data with protections that confirm the user accessing the data is the intended recipient. 
  • Confidentiality – Access to information is isolated so that access is granted to only those that our required to work on that information.
  • Nonrepudiation – We have an audit trail for all access so that we can be assured we know what is happening with our data.
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