About Precision ADM


Precision ADM is a global engineering and manufacturing solutions provider that uses Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing, as a core technology, complemented by multi-axis machining to manufacture high value components and devices for the medical, aerospace, energy, and industrial sectors. Precision ADM has created a comprehensive Advanced Digital Manufacturing™ process which includes Design Support, Engineering, Manufacturing and Finishing. Precision ADM possesses ISO 13485:2016, AS9100 Rev D, and ISO 9001:2015 certifications and is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


Precision ADM identifies, develops, and manufactures high value components and device applications for the medical, aerospace, energy and industrial sectors.

The medical industry is moving towards patient specific devices to offer better, more personalized therapies. The aerospace industry is innovating towards lighter and more fuel efficient aircraft while developing new components with reduced, expedited supply chain.

Our solution to our clients is to provide digital manufacturing design and/or manufacturing solutions to make their products more efficient and functional than those made with conventional manufacturing methods.

Satisfied Customers

We take accuracy and quality in part production very seriously, and our growing list of medical, aerospace, oil & gas and industrial sector customers tell us they are extremely satisfied with the results.

Kilograms of Metal Powder Used

Every part and device we manufacture starts out as microscopic metal powder as small as 15 microns, but kilogram by kilogram, that adds up!

Validated Parts Produced

Our additive and subtractive teams work hard to ensure that each part that leaves our facility is manufactured to exceed the expectations of our customers.


Our team has grown from two to over twenty people since our inception in 2014, as our engineering and manufacturing capabilities and capacity has expanded and developed over the years, and as our business grows, so does our team.

Martin Petrak, M.Sc., P.Eng.
Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Precision ADM, Martin is very knowledgeable in AM with over 11 years or research and development in this field. Martin leads his team towards future partnerships with multi-national corporations to create new technological advancements in Manitoba and Canada.

Nelson Kalin
Nelson Kalin, B.Comm., CPA, CA
Chief Financial Officer

Nelson brings over 20 years of experience in multi-national aerospace manufacturing, defence, space, and energy sectors. He is responsible for structured finance, developing key customer relationships, and financing major industrial projects. Nelson is a Chartered Professional Accountant, CA, and is focused on Precision ADM’s profitable growth.

Jay Singh
Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Singh brings nearly two decades of senior executive experience, most recently with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Shared Health. He has extensive experience in building effective teams, innovative systems in industries as diverse as health care, financial services, and information technology. As a Regional Director of Supply Chain Management at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Jay played a critical role in the provincial COVID-19 response. He is a results-driven senior leader in improving systems and building effective teams and leaders.

Kyle Fiolka, P. ENG.
Chief Technology Officer

Kyle is an experienced Professional Engineer with a demonstrated history of developing technologies in the Energy industry. Kyle earned his Bachelor of Science at the University of Calgary and possesses an MBA from the Haskayne School of Business. He excels in helping companies succeed through innovation and execution.

Pablo Batista
VP, Engineering and Operations

Pablo Batista leads our Engineering and Operations with over 20 years of senior executive experience, most recently at Motor Coach Industries and IMRIS. He is a results-driven senior leader with extensive experience in highly competitive industries, including automotive and transportation manufacturing and medical devices.

John Wallis, CHRP SHRM
VP, Human Resources

John Wallis builds and leads our team as Vice President of Human Resources. Mr. Wallis is registered with the Society for Human Resource Management as a Senior Certified Professional (SHRM) and joins Precision ADM with over 13 years of Senior Human Resource experience in different sectors including pharmaceuticals, transport and logistics, and manufacturing.


Angela brings over 20 years of financial and operational experience in a variety of industries, including engineering services and manufacturing. Angela oversees the accounting and related business functions of the organization and is focussed on supporting operational excellence.

Derek VanDenDriessche, B.Sc.
Director of Medical and Industrial Sales and Business Development

Derek’s entrepreneurial background empowers him to identify winning applications and solutions for clients that are a great fit for our manufacturing and consulting capabilities. Through sales and business development in the Medical and Industrial sectors, he helps us drive growth and profitability while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Damian Elizalde
Director of Operations

With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Damian leads operations with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing operations for the automotive, metal mechanic, and food industry.

He is a systemic thinker and well-rounded leader with the ability to capture commitment from others, has a demonstrated history of identifying and resolving complex problems in fast moving environments.

Xiomara Perdomo
Director of Quality

Xiomara is a Professional in Engineering with over 10 years of experience in quality assurance for the manufacturing, commercial and energy industries. She has lead the certification and accreditation of companies under technical and legal specifications, as well as international standards, with a focus on ensuring the continuous improvement needed to boost growth. Xiomara leads our quality department in maintaining our medical and aerospace certifications and in continuous improvement.

Christopher Bélanger
General Counsel

Chris provides expert and strategic legal advice to the PADM team in all facets of the business. Chris brings over 10 years of extensive experience in government, strategic relations, law and business to support the growth and development of the PADM Group of Companies.

Chris drives corporate innovation, strategy, and development for the PADM organization and leads PADM through the complex regulatory and governance requirements of PADM’s diversified portfolio of companies.

Bami Akinrinlola, Ph.D.
Additive Manufacturing Research Engineer

Dr. Akinrinlola is an Additive Manufacturing (AM) Research Engineer at Precision ADM, where she is responsible for the R&D program and works with a wide range of metal alloy systems. Bami holds a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from McGill University, with a focus on powder metallurgy. Her interests include structure-property relationships in materials, biomaterials and bio-inspired design.

Emmet Schaen, CET
Manager, Additive Manufacturing

Emmet brings his extensive experience in material sciences in the aerospace industry to his role at Precision ADM. His expertise in the analysis of microstructures is key in developing additive manufacturing applications that meet and exceed quality expectations.

Frédérique Desbiens Blais
Pega Medical
R&D Engineer

Our company is an OEM in the Medical Device field and we were initially interested in 3D metal printed parts for prototyping and validation purposes. Utilizing their expertise and cutting edge technology, Precision ADM manufactured for us several parts, in a very short timespan, as well as improved our designs through their support and knowledge of this technology. They are rigorous, hard working and they want things to be done right. We are looking forward to working with them for future projects.

John Person, MASc P.Eng
Mechanical Design Engineering Professional

I have worked with Precision ADM on a number of projects. As you would expect from a professional team, the parts received were high quality and delivery time met our needs. Where the team really excelled beyond expectation is in their deep understanding of AM. They provided excellent support to help me develop parts and components that really take advantage of this rapidly growing manufacturing technology.

Our Core Values

Precision ADM is a highly scalable engineering and manufacturing technology company that leverages the benefits of digital-driven metal additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies to provide services to the high value medical, aerospace and industrial sectors.

We believe that Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) is the future of manufacturing, and have dedicated resources to learning all aspects of this relatively new technology as it relates to producing metal parts and components.

Increase strength, optimize efficiency, reduce cost – these are some of the benefits of Additive Manufacturing that our engineering team can help you to achieve. Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) is a set of guidelines and methodology that our engineering team applies in order to make the best use of the benefits of additive manufacturing. Over 40% of all Precision ADM employees are engineers. We believe that providing our customers with the best DfAM-oriented team will make for the best manufactured output and value.
Customer Service
Metal Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) opens the door to manufacturing parts never before possible, but involves considerations such as build orientation, post-processing and part optimization, the requirement of heat or pressure treatments, and many other considerations. Our team's experience in understanding and answering these considerations for our customers is a vital part of the value we offer.
Quality defines everything we do at Precision ADM, and we guarantee our customers' requirements are satisfied with every project. Our in-house laboratory with a complete metallurgical set-up, metrology equipment (including laser scanning) and powder testing give us the ability to rapidly assess quality at part level, as well as macro and micro scales. It gives us, and therefore our customers, confidence in our processes from incoming material right to the final product.
Technology is driving the additive manufacturing (3D printing) revolution, and as leaders in the movement, we pride ourselves as being on the edge of the latest and greatest equipment and software available. We dedicate resources to implementing these technological breakthroughs in our manufacturing processes, in order to deliver only the best finished products to our customers.
Our team is ready to help with your next metal additive manufacturing project.
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