Industry Solutions
Medical Solutions
Our dedicated Cobalt Chrome (MP1) and Titanium (Ti64ELI) 3D printers enable our ISO 13485 certified manufacturing of medical devices and instruments, such as spine devices, hip cups, and dental implants, which can be made with lattice structures that promote osteointegration, while maintaining structural integrity.
Aerospace Solutions
An early adopter of ADM, aerospace firms have incorporated additive manufacturing with applications such as tooling, air ducts, brackets, heat exchangers, prototypes, fuel nozzles, swirlers, complex vanes, antennas, sensors, avionics, and continue to be a leader in investigating new applications.
Industrial Solutions
The adoption of Metal AM as a complementary manufacturing process has given companies a competitive edge in quoting, design iterations, and being first to market with new and exciting products.
Defense Solutions
Additive Manufacturing can benefit the defense industry by enabling the ability for rapid, delocalized, flexible manufacturing and in some cases serial production of parts that have been cost-prohibitive to produce in the past. Organic shapes with light weight materials and lattice inner structures can help reduce weight by less than half traditionally manufactured parts.
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