Engineers in oil and gas are applying Advanced Digital Manufacturing™ techniques to improve the molds necessary for sandcasting drilling bits, which is very labor-intensive. Additive Manufacturing has the potential to produce optimized mold designs and faster development cycles, which could increase both drilling speeds and productivity for field operators. With so many challenges related to fluid dynamics and heat transfer, ADM™ has the potential to unlock significant value in the oil & gas market over the next few years."

The opportunities seem boundless. In fact, any limits that arise seem to be self-imposed. The implementation and advantages are limited only by our creativity, imagination and innovation. ADM™ is a radical departure from tradition. It is a revolutionary process, so open minds are needed. ADM™ is in its earliest stages, and there are many advancements waiting for us in the future.

Precision ADM’s rare capabilities allow our customers to not only produce parts that will give them a competitive advantage but alleviate supply constraints by making those parts more quickly and often at a lower cost.

  • AM Products: Power, power generation, nozzles for gas powered turbines
  • ADM Solution Services:
  1. Consulting: research and product development, manufacturing, quality systems
  2. Design Services: AM part designs, optimization, simulation, re-design
  • Product Solutions: Manifolds, jigs and fixtures, tooling, prototypes, nozzles, gaskets, complex high pressure valves, heat exchangers, sensors, conformal cooling molds for high speed injection molding, research and development