An early adopter of ADM, aerospace firms have incorporated Digital technology throughout all processes and functions; from the design concept to near-end-of-life repairs. With each success, it then drives AM deeper into related processes, making it multi-purpose. Aerospace continues to be a leader to investigate new applications and invest in research to make them possible.

  • AM Products: Components, tooling, air ducts, brackets, prototypes, fuel nozzles, swirlers, complex veins, antennas, sensors, avionics, custom private airliner interior components, jigs and fixtures, research and development
  • ADM Solutions Services:
  1. Consulting: research and product development, manufacturing, quality systems
  2. Design Services: AM part designs, optimization, simulation, re-design

In the aerospace industry there are many complex parts used in the engines and bodies of the aircraft. The fuel nozzle is highly complex and is made as one piece, eliminating the assembly time while manufacturing cutting costs, reducing material costs and making them more durable than traditional nozzles. This is an example of an industry that has started to use AM in mass production and there are a growing number of other aerospace parts that can be created using this technology.


16510 - Aerospace Sensor 02 Render

Tri-Nozzle Render