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ADM™ Design

Precision ADM Design support services help customers to take advantage of Advanced Digital Manufacturing technologies. We can help you explore new design freedoms available through additive manufacturing.

ADM™ Engineering

Using Optimization, simulation, and testing software our engineers can design parts that meet all your specifications. Our team of engineers are specially trained to help you develop quality systems that will increase productivity, and produce less down time on the factory floor. Allowing business owners to save on waste by becoming more efficient. Let our engineers start saving your company time and money by using Advanced Digital Manufacturing.

ADM™ Manufacturing

Advanced Digital Manufacturing allows companies to manufacture parts with a non-traditional blend of technologies allowing them to make parts lighter, stronger, and more efficient more quickly, at a lower cost. Because less waste is generated, our manufacturing process is better for the environment.

ADM™ Consulting

We have the right people with the right tools to help you unlock what Advanced Digital Manufacturing has to offer. Let our industry leading team of engineers and CET’s be on your side for your next R&D project.

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What else we provide?

DMLS Metal 3D printing

Software Applications

We have access to over 200 software packages that allow our engineers to create, design, test, optimize and simulate for ADM. Having access to all of these different types of software packages allows Precision ADM to have a distinct advantage when either consulting, designing or engineering on your companies project.

Robotic CNC machining

Precision ADM has invested in our ADM process. By having a 5 Axis robotic CNC turn mill, this allows us to control our subtractive machining in house, we control the tolerances, we control the part and we control the process, nothing is sourced. Precision ADM has created a full ADM hub from Design to Engineering, to Manufacturing and finishing, we control the whole process. This machine can also be used for production run high precision CNC mill work.


Advanced Digital Manufacturing allows companies to manufacture parts with a non-traditional blend of technologies allowing them to make parts lighter, stronger, and more efficient more quickly, at a lower cost. Because less waste is generated, our manufacturing process is better for the environment.

Wire EDM

Highly accurate Submersible Wire EDM is another compliment to the ADM. This machine allows Precision ADM to complete precise cuts on different types of material. This machine can also be used for high precision CNC cutting.

Metal testing, metallurgy

We have all the analytic tools necessary for ensuring proper standards are met in producing metal parts.

Heat treating

We have heating treating in house to complement our ADM process, each Metal AM build needs to removed and treated for stress.

Tumbling and polishing

These machines also complement our ADM process, by controlling these finishing phases of a AM build. We are able to create a quality system in ADM that is very unique not commonly found in all Metal AM shops. Precision ADM controls this finishing phase, thus controls the final product that our customers are paying for.

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What our clients say

Our company is an OEM in the Medical Device field and we were initially interested in 3D metal printed parts for prototyping and validation purposes. Utilizing their expertise and cutting edge technology, Precision ADM manufactured for us several parts, in a very short timespan, as well as improved our designs through their support and knowledge of this technology. They are rigorous, hard working and they want things to be done right. We are looking forward to working with them for future projects.

Frederique Desbiens Blais R&D Engineer at Pega Medical

I have worked with Precision ADM on a number of projects.  As you would expect from a professional team, the parts received were high quality and delivery time met our needs. Where the team really excelled beyond expectation is in their deep understanding of AM.  They provided excellent support to help me develop parts and components that really take advantage of this rapidly growing manufacturing technology.

John Person, MASc P.Eng Mechanical Design Engineering Professional


About us

Precision ADM Inc. (PADM) is the first start-up company currently wholly owned by the Orthopaedic Innovation Centre. PADM was incorporated May 11, 2015 and has since operated out of the OIC facilities. PADM identifies, develops, and manufactures high value components and device applications for the medical, aerospace, energy and industrial sectors. The medical industry is moving towards patient specific devices to offer better, more personalized therapies. The aerospace industry is innovating towards lighter and more fuel efficient aircraft while developing new components with reduced, expedited supply chain. Our solution to our clients is to provide digital manufacturing design and/or manufacturing solutions to make their products more efficient and functional than those made with conventional manufacturing methods.

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Precision ADM Set to Announce Major Capability and Capacity Expansion

Major Announcement Forthcoming at MD&M West in Anaheim, CA WINNIPEG, CANADA Precision ADM Inc. (Precision ADM) is set to announce a major manufacturing capability and capacity expansion at MD&M West on February 6, 2018 in Anaheim, California. This announcement will be of interest to all customers looking at the advantages of producing devices and parts […]

Nelson Kalin Appointed Chief Financial Officer of Precision ADM

The new Chief Financial Officer will play a key role in helping Precision ADM develop strategic customer relationships and negotiate high-value manufacturing contracts, while continuing on the path of sustainability and profitability. WINNIPEG, MANITOBA Precision ADM Inc. (Precision ADM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Nelson Kalin, CPA, CA, as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) […]

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